My work explores themes of the human experience and memory, and ways in which we navigate our experiences. Memory is a construct, a fabrication, manipulation, a desire to cultivate, capture and organize time. It embodies what is preserved, processed and collected in everyday life.

I’m interested in:

  • preservation, translation, sensation

  • modes of storage and retrieval

  • story-telling, history and myth

  • paramnesia: confusing dreams and memories

  • the hourglass, clocks and devices to measure “time”

  • chance encounters, “happy-accidents”

  • transitional objects; comfort in change

  • ephemera: accumulative paper matter

  • the ephemeral, the fleeting, the letting go

  • the dance of light and the blanket of shadow

  • memory-objects & how we imbue things/places with meaning

  • residue: emotional, physical- scars, traces, stains

  • artifacts: evidence that doesn’t try to be evidence

  • passageways: liminal spaces, the in-between, the transitionary

  • the role of the archive: fading paper & digital constructs

  • the idea of “glitch”, the temporary malfunction, the sensory overload

  • physical and psychological relationships to the human body